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We like to get Dirty

We're a quirky little shop, run by a handful of the best ladies you'll ever meet. The name of the game is fun, we're having it, and we want you to as well. Join us for a Show & Grow, we'll walk you through step by step, to show you not only how to keep your plants alive, but how to arrange them in fancy, impressive ways! You'll also get a chance to have a drink and hang out with us! Our store boasts a variety of awesome Green friends to join your family; along with our supply of succulents, cacti & houseplants, we also have containers and pots to house and dress up your new plant buddies! Come on by to see "What's up", we're going to surprise you!


I just love my plants! It started as a garden thing, trying to make my home pretty. Then as I ran out of yard space, the plants started coming indoors! Our space is a chance to spread that Green love to other people, show the world a gift of the happy that comes from caring for & growing a little life! Stop in, I bet you catch it too. . . 

  Laura, Owner  
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Plants make People happy. 

Google It, it's a Fact!


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52 East Main St. Carpentersville, IL 60110

  Tel: 224-699-9558

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