Native to Eastern, central Mexico, these cuties make the perfect addition to any plant collection. Commonly called Barrel cactus- or Mother in law's cushion, these guys get their name because they can grow to 3' tall and wide, making them look like barrels. These sun lovers are easy maintenance on the cactus front, with minimal water requirements. Prefering cooler temps, between 55 and 75 degrees, barrel cactus are a great pick for those of us in the northwest hemisphere. 


You will recieve one Golden Barrel Cactus, in 8" growing pot. Plant size, approx 8-10". Ceramic pot NOT included! You may not recieve exact plant pictured, but one similar in shape, coloring, and size!


Golden Barrel Cactus (Echinocactus grusonii)

  • All plant purchases are final, unless damaged in shipping. Non plant products can be exchanged or returned in original condition, within 30 days of purchase with original reciept. 

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