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Check out those leaves! Members of the "Prayer Plant" family, most calathea plants have beautiful unique markings on the front side of their leaves, as well as a deep burgundy coloring on the back. Fun FACT: Prayer plants are called that because as the sun sets, their leaves fold upward, similar to praying hands. Then as the sun begins to rise, the Calathea leaves will drop back down! Calatheas are shady gents, no direct sun for them! They tend to like to be kept a little more moist, requiring water every 5 to 7 days. These plants do really well in bedrooms or bathrooms were there may be just a little light.


You will recieve one Calathea Lancifolia, in 6" growing pot. Plant size, approx 10-16". Ceramic pot NOT included! You may not recieve exact plant pictured, but one similar in shape, coloring, and size!


"Rattle Snake", Calathea Lancifolia

  • All plant purchases are final, unless damaged in shipping. Non plant products can be exchanged or returned in original condition, within 30 days of purchase with original reciept. 

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