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A collector for sure, these cute little peperomias are just the best! Easy to care for, easy to grow, peperomias make great firsts, for new plant parents! Give 'em a little sun, or a lotta, they don't really mind, and water once a week, and they'll be golden! Pretty fast growers as well, which makes these plants fun to own, you can always see the new growth! These variegated leaves you don't find very often! Grab yours before they're gone!


You will recieve one Variegated Peperomia Caperata in a 4" growing pot. Spring pail is NOT included. You may not recieve exact plant pictured, but one similar in shape, coloring, and size!


Variegated Peperomia Caperata

  • All plant purchases are final, unless damaged in shipping. Non plant products can be exchanged or returned in original condition, within 30 days of purchase with original reciept. 

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