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Well hello there. . . This is a Xerographica, an air plant, these fantastic plants, live entirely without soil! They can survive and flourish with minimal sun. only needing water! Care is easy, you can mist/spray them every couple of days, or "tub" them as we like to call it! Dunking them in a cup or bowl, for 20 mins, once a week! Due to their lack of dirt or pots- you can add these beauties anywhere you'd like! Including, a top your headboard, on your desk, or sitting on your counter! The PERFECT roommate!



You will recieve one Large Xerographica, approximately 6"- 10" wide, with hanging tendrils over 6" long. You may not recieve exact plant pictured, but one similar in shape, coloring, and size!


Xerographica Air plant, Queen

  • All plant purchases are final, unless damaged in shipping. Non plant products can be exchanged or returned in original condition, within 30 days of purchase with original reciept. 

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